#9 What is an “uncontested” case?

September 30, 2016


CLICK ON TITLE TO WATCH VIDEO. TEXT OF VIDEO:Hi, my name is Dave Hunter, and I am an attorney and mediator here in Utah County, Utah. This video answers the question: What is an “uncontested” case? When my clients come in for a case review, we review the specific facts of the case and the circumstances of the parties and family to determine what kind of a case it is. After sifting through thousands of cases, in my mind there are two main types or categories of cases…contested and uncontested. These 2 categories of cases are so different in fact, that some attorneys will only do one type and not the other. Some attorneys may not want to litigate contested cases. Many attorneys charge differently depending on whether it is uncontested or contested. Most, like myself charge a flat rate for an uncontested case, and charge hourly against a retainer deposit for a contested case. There are many issues in a divorce, but the main topics that parties may have disagreements about are custody, visitation, child support, property & debts, retirement, and alimony. If you have a case where you and your spouse can come to a basic agreement on these issues, then you have an uncontested case, and are looking for a lawyer who can draft up your documents and walk you through the process—likely for a fixed fee. If you have serious disagreement on any of these issues, you have a contested case and are looking for an attorney with courtroom litigation experience, who will likely charge by the hour. I hope this information was useful. Call today to schedule a case review, or visit our website for more information. Please like us below and leave a comment, and watch my other videos. Thank you for watching.

October 8, 2015
#2 More About Attorney Mediator David J. Hunter

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March 28, 2016
#5 What happens at mediation?

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August 1, 2015
#1 How to Choose a Mediator

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