#12 How can I collect child support?

April 24, 2017


CLICK ON TITLE TO WATCH VIDEO. TEXT OF VIDEO: Hi, my name is Dave Hunter, and I am an attorney and mediator here in Utah County, Utah. This video answers the question: How can I collect child support? Before you collect, you must obtain an order for child support, which we don’t deal with in this video, but how to collect child support from someone who has been ordered to pay, but is not paying? There are several methods of collection. First, you can try to do it yourself, which can often be frustrating. Second, you can go to ORS, the Office of Recovery Services, and give them the employment information of the person who should be paying, and a copy of the child support order. They may or may not collect it, and typically it takes some time to put this in place. They charge a fee for setting up the services of about $7-10 per payment that they take out of what they collect. This does not require the help of an attorney to set this up. Third, you can do private garnishments against their wages (most common), levy money from their bank account (less common), or seize property that they own and have it sold to satisfy the child support amounts owed (very rarely done). Most of these methods require an attorney to help you through these technical collection methods. Fourth, and probably the most effective and common, you can take them back to the judge, and have them held in contempt for non-payment. The hearing is called an order to show cause. At the hearing, a judge can reprimand them and order them to get employment, make them pay your attorney fees for having to take them back to court for non-payment, can charge them penalties, suspend their license, or even charge them with jail time. Often at the hearing, the court will schedule a follow up review court date to give them incentive to get the payments going because the court will be looking at it again in 3-4 months. Taking them back to court is probably the most used method if you have someone not paying. This method normally required the help of an attorney. I hope this information was useful. If you need help with family law issues, call today to schedule a free case review, or visit our website for more information. [HunterLawUtah.com 801-802-2222] If you liked this video, please click “I like this” below, or leave us a comment. I also have other related videos you can also watch on other topics. Thank you for watching.

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