#11 What is a "contested" case?

February 28, 2017


CLICK ON TITLE TO WATCH VIDEO. TEXT OF VIDEO: Hi, my name is Dave Hunter, and I am an attorney and mediator here in Utah County, Utah. This video answers the question: What is a contested case? A contested case means in the simplest terms is when the parties fight over the case, or perhaps better put, they have a disagreement about how the terms of the case should be settled. To you it would mean that you have a serious disagreement about important terms such as custody, visitation, child support, property or debt division, alimony, etc. To a lawyer it means that a complaint or petition was filed, served upon the opposing party and an answer opposing or disagreeing with the terms sought by the party who started the case. What it means is that you may need help with your case by attorneys, by a mediator, or from the court through hearings or a trial, to either get the case finished. It means that the case is not going to settle at first, but perhaps needs an exchange of information, documents, perhaps consultations with your attorney to gather and review evidence and to bring you up to speed on the laws related to your case, settlement negotiations, or mediation. If none of those can get your case settled, you can take the case to court and have a court decide. Evaluating your case at the beginning can help determine whether your case appears to be contested or uncontested. I hope this information was useful. Call today to schedule a case review, or visit our website for more information. [HunterLawUtah.com 801-802-2222] Please like us below and leave a comment, and watch my other videos. Thank you for watching. Disclosure: The information contained in this video and on the Hunter Law, PLLC websites is for general information only and is not tailored to relate to any specific legal needs or factual scenario, does not constitute legal advice, nor creates a privileged attorney-client relationship. You should always speak to an attorney before making any legal decisions in your specific case. At Hunter Law, we offer a free case review with an attorney for you to ask questions about your specific case privately and confidentially. Call today to schedule your free case review appointment.

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