#6 What is Mediation?

CLICK ON TITLE TO WATCH VIDEO. TEXT OF VIDEO:  Hi, my name is Dave Hunter, and I am divorce and family law attorney and mediator here in Utah, and have worked on hundreds of divorce, custody and other domestic cases. This video answers the question: What is Mediation? The short technical answer is: Mediation is a structured process where parties in dispute with one another can resolve their disputes with the help of a neutral third party called a mediator. Here is the short version of what mediation looks like: First, the parties choose a mediator, a neutral third party who does not represent either party to mediate their dispute. Second, they make an appointment with the mediator. You can call them or schedule online and let them know the type of case that it is, like a “divorce.” Usually mediation sessions are 4 to 8 hours depending on the issues. Third, on the day of mediation the parties arrive and meet with the mediator and begin working on the case. When an agreement is reached, a settlement agreement is printed, reviewed and signed. I hope this information was useful. If you liked this video, please click “I like this” below, and leave us a comment. I have other related videos you can also watch. Call us to schedule a mediation session, or go online to see our mediation calendar and book online today. Thank you for watching.

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