#1 How to Choose a Mediator

CLICK ON TITLE TO WATCH VIDEO. TEXT OF VIDEO: How to Choose a Great Mediator You Can Trust? Hi, my name is Dave Hunter, and I am divorce and family law attorney and mediator here in Utah, and have worked on hundreds of divorce, custody and other domestic cases. This video answers the question: How to Choose a Great Mediator? The short answer is “Choose one you can Trust.” You are placing your and your family’s important legal and personal matters in the hands of a professional. You need to feel trust between you and your mediator. Here are our suggestions of other areas to consider when choosing a mediation for your case: First, do some basic research on a potential mediator. Look online, read reviews, ask around about him or her. Second, look at the mediator’s Practice Area and Experience. Does your mediator deep experience in your Type of case? Look at their web site or call their office. If you are looking at mediating a domestic case, look for a mediator who has experience who focuses on that area. Consider how many cases have they worked on personally and how long have they been in practice. Experience does not guarantee an agreement can be reached in every case, but experience case can definitely help. For example, if 2 parties reach an impasse during mediation, a mediator with a wealth of knowledge and experience may be able to suggest various options for solutions based on their past experience. Third, ask whether the Mediator also a Lawyer? Lawyers are trained about thinking and protecting clients in the legal system. Mediators are trained in assisting in the settlement process. Not all mediators are lawyers. Not all lawyers are mediators. We believe that the best mediators are attorney-mediators, with experience in both sides. They usually cost a little more, but more than worth it in the end results. Attorney-Mediators can also draft final court documents for the parties, whereas a non-lawyer mediator cannot. Finally, look at the mediator’s fees. Mediator fees vary widely. Find a mediator who has a reasonable price. Usually, unless the parties agree otherwise, the cost of mediation is normally shared between the parties equally. Again, my name is Dave Hunter, and I am an attorney and mediator, and have worked on hundreds of divorce, custody and other similar cases for more than a decade. I hope this information was useful. If you liked this video, please click “I like this” below, and leave us a comment. I have other related videos you can also watch. Call us to schedule a mediation session, or go online to see our mediation calendar and book online today. Thank you for watching.


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